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STATEMENT | Initial response to continuation of B-Teams

Against League 3 acknowledges the statement released by The EFL earlier today confirming the EFL Trophy will continue in the current format, with several cosmetic changes, for the next two seasons.

The EFL has consistently disregarded the views of the game’s key stakeholder, the supporter. Where fan consultation was conducted, it was ignored. In two extreme cases, Carlisle United and Notts County ignored over 95% of their respondents. Why should any EFL fan ever take another club survey?

For years supporters have been spoon-fed excuse after excuse for lower league clubs being required to bend to The Premier League and The English National Team. The Football League was forced to vote in EPPP, allowing youngsters to be stockpiled at Premier League clubs rather than gaining first team experience in The EFL. When those stockpiles become too large, the Premier League invades a competition it deliberately split away from in 1992 to retain a larger share of the money flowing through the sport.

Furthermore, the Premier League responded to Andy Holt’s criticism of Premier League finance distribution with a small minded, threatening, cowardly press release. It threatened the funding, and therefore the users of Accrington Stanley’s community outreach programmes. Shame on the Premier League for threatening those in need.

What concessions is The Premier League making for the England team? Is it playing English youngsters? No. Are they conducting responsible business in the transfer market? No.

Every other club in the pyramid has to wait and see whether the FA and the Premier League need a winter break. Whether they want the FA Cup is to be changed. Whether they want to play in the EFL Trophy. How long can this continue? When will enough ever be enough?

Worst of all, the EFL sees this disgraceful trophy as a bigger problem than the clubs it is allowing to fail. Leyton Orient, Blackpool, Blackburn, Coventry, Charlton. Countless others. If the FA and EFL will not stop pointing fingers at each other, then action must be taken.

Against League 3, over the next week, will survey campaign supporters over our direction for the next two seasons. Social media feedback seems to indicate a desire for a stronger boycott, possibly including more direct action and protests. No decision will be confirmed today, but it is the intention of the campaign to continue our efforts.

We’d like to thank every one of our followers for all of the support we’ve received during our three years of campaigning. Here’s to two more years challenging the incompetent and, frankly, insane governance of our sport.


  1. It is about time the EFL started to listen to the supporters and respect them. I do not respect the EFL Hierachy . Mr Harvey talk to the fans or resign!!!

  2. Im sick to the back teeth with them and the clubs who sanctioned this.
    Last year they claimed that it was thrust upon them at short notice
    We the fans of efl and non league football have suffered enough from sky and the premier league midweek attendance figures are struggling because of wall to wall football. They dont care about fans unless they have a remote control instead of a season ticket

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