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January Update

I wanted to provide our campaign support with a brief update, considering we have been a bit quiet lately.
We’ve been contacted with several emails over the past few days asking about our approach to the Wembley final. We’ll have some form of presence outside Wembley on EFL Trophy final day which is Sunday 2nd April. You are more than welcome to join us on the day.
We’d obviously like the boycott to remain strong, even at Wembley and even if Swansea B are eliminated from the competition before that point. A low attendance is one of the biggest messages that those opposed to this competition could send. However, we realise this is a tough ask. Wembley will be quite full, not quite empty, but we do ask those who would be unable to resist a day out at Wembley to take some form of action. Take a banner, start a chant,  just don’t sit back and accept it.
We’ll be conducting a survey on how our campaign support wants us to approach the Wembley Final. This is already a bit later than planned, so please accept my apologies.
I’m fairly confident that the vote at the Football League AGM this season will see the EFL Trophy revamped. There’s been little to no positive press regarding the competition and the social media reaction towards the EFL has been considerably negative. Let’s not forget the ludicrous system of fines for playing “under-strength” teams has upset several clubs. That’s not to say it’s time to stop the pressure.
Supporters have still never been consulted on the future of the Trophy by The EFL. This competition was forced on you by several naive clubs who simply followed the money, with no thought or consideration for the fans who actually have to pay to watch. The loyalty to our clubs may be endless, but it appears their loyalty to supporters is not.
The scrapping of The Whole Game Solution a few months ago was really positive news. This does mean that for now there are no public plans to introduce academy sides into league football. However we asked our campaign support whether the boycott should continue and this was a clear yes. The boycott will continue until the format is changed.
The most regular question I’ve had recently is “where are the results of the ownership survey?”. A few months ago we conducted a survey into club ownership in England and we received a huge response. Many thanks to everyone who took part.
When we launched the survey, we promised to accompany the results with an article on each of the ten lowest ranked clubs and it’s these articles that have delayed publication. Sadly, we’ve taken the decision not to publish the articles, but the results will be up in a few days.
The sheer amount of fact-checking required was much higher than expected and I’m a little concerned about the legal consequences of publishing. As a campaign we continue to pledge to work in support of the protection of clubs, but I do regret we won’t be able to publish these.
That’s currently where we’re up to. Thanks again for the incredible support for the #BTeamBoycott, we really appreciate it. Let us know how we’re doing by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @againstleague3. Don’t forget you can always email fans@againstleague3 for more in-depth discussion.
James Cave
AL3 Campaign Manager

About James Cave

James Cave is the AL3 campaign manager having co-founded the campaign in 2014. James is a Southport FC supporter and a volunteer member of the club’s media team.

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