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EFL Club Meeting Hosted At Walsall

Club representatives from EFL Teams are today attending an EFL club meeting, being held at Walsall FC’s Bescot Stadium.

No details have been released by the EFL however it is expected that all Championship, League 1 and League 2 clubs will have at least one representative present.

It is highly likely the controversial EFL Trophy will be on the agenda, which has not been publicly released. The future of the competition will be confirmed at the annual league AGM at the end of the season. No mention of the meeting could be found by AL3 on the EFL website.

In EFL documentation released last year, it was stated that club meetings such as the one occurring today would be used to discuss potential future reform, however no further mention of this has occurred publicly since the EFL’s Whole Game Solution was unceremoniously dumped late in November 2016, after a restructure of the FA Cup TV rights deal made the plans impossible.

At the time of writing, only Notts County and Swindon Town had replied to any of the numerous queries from supporters over the lack of published information regarding the meeting.

The Notts County tweet states “The EFL will announce relevant information”.

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