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AL3 is looking to purchase a trophy for Roland Duchatelet in celebration of recently being named “The Worst Owner In English Football” and some protest material for the EFL Trophy Final in April. (We were going to ask for £100, the JustGiving minimum was £200)

AL3 costs around £1,000 per year to run – with all costs met from the pockets of the organisers. This is fine to an extent, but limits what we can spend to grow the campaign.

We’d love to present Roland Duchatelet with a trophy for his accolade (or at least try to) and we’ll broadcast or record so fans can watch later. We’d also like to send an award for Dean Hoyle of Huddersfield being named best owner in the country.
Also, we’d like to fund some banners and the like (tshirts? scarves?) for the protest of the EFL Trophy final.

All accounts and expenditure will be posted on our website and every penny will be spent on the campaign.

If you can spare even a pound, we’d be really grateful!

James Cave
Campaign Manager – Against League 3