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Against League 3 is always looking for volunteers willing to contribute to the running and organisation of the campaign.

We’re currently hoping to bring on board volunteers to:

– Help run the campaign. Currently campaign manager James Cave runs the campaign essentially single-handedly, with help and guidance from our Twitter followers and a number of groups and individuals involved in football and the supporter movement. AL3 is not a legal entity, we’re not registered or affiliated with any group. If you have a history of campaigning elsewhere, you could be just what we need.

– Grow our social media. We’re very active on Twitter, less so on Facebook, Instagram and others. If you can help with running a social media page, please get in touch.

– Help conduct research. There is a huge amount of statistics and data on the football pyramid, youth development, league governance and club finance that would be so useful if we had the time to research.

– Write articles. We’d be delighted to carry articles on areas of governance, the EFL Trophy, club finance and club protection. We’re also very happy to carry articles from other campaign groups or fan collectives.

Please contact admin@againstleague3.co.uk if you’d like to get involved.