Against League 3 is a loose, unaffiliated collaboration of like-minded football supporters with the main aim of opposing B-Team involvement in the English Football Pyramid and first team competitions.

2014 – FA’s League 3 Plans

AL3 was formed in May 2014 following the publication of the FA’s “League 3” proposals. These proposals aimed to insert a new tier between EFL League 2 and the National League, comprised of Premier League B-Teams and National League teams.

34,000 supporters signed an AL3 petition against the proposals, which were eventually abandoned by the FA.

AL3 was formed by James Cave (Southport FC fan) and Lewis Horwell (Grimsby Town FC fan). Lewis soon stepped away from the campaign for career reasons, leaving James to run the campaign.

2016 Onwards – Whole Game Solution and EFL Trophy

In May 2016 the EFL announced a new proposal called the “Whole Game Solution” which would see the league revamped into a new 4 division competition below the Premier League. Amidst fierce opposition (of which AL3 played a vocal part), the plans were ditched by November.

In a seperate plan, for the 2016-17 season, the EFL revamped the Football League Trophy, introducing Premier League B-Teams into the competition. AL3 heard from thousands of concerned supporters and responded by launching the #BTeamBoycott, which is still in operation today.