2018 Ownership Survey Now Open

Against League 3’s 2018 Ownership Survey is now open, and we’re looking for the best and worst owners in English football.

Supporters can take the survey below or visit HERE to take the survey. It takes just two minutes to complete and will be open until 6PM on Sunday 16th December.

Last year Charlton Athletic’s Rolan Duchatelet was named English football’s worst owner, with Huddersfield Town’s Dean Toyle topping the survey as England’s best football club owner. Over 4,800 people responded to our 2017 survey.

The survey is open to supporters of clubs from the Premier League down to the National League North and South.

For maximum sample size, please consider posting the survey link on your supporter forums: https://goo.gl/forms/bAcrHZWaPATomOp42

Stay tuned to our website and social media feeds next week when we’ll be confirming the winners…. and losers.


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  1. Is there anyone out there who wants to buy Chesterfield so we can get rid of the current owner and his sidekick

  2. You can have Owen Oyston I’ll drive him there myself

  3. I agree with Dave.

  4. Stop moaning Spirites deserve what you get for all those years cheating your way through the leagues now its pay back time

  5. I also agree with Dave

  6. Get a grip stevie. We the fans never knew anything that was going off in that season. All fans are truly ashamed that it happened and glad that he got caught out. Everything since has been done by the book financially. But off field activities are costing us what could be our existence.


  7. Oyston Out

  8. Owen Oyston, the spiteful scumbag, I don’t think an owner could be any worse. Sticking around after years of hate towards him goes to show his intentions. Making a loss every week and owing £30 million to my favourite Latvian, and yet still holding onto the club. Absolute disgrace to the club preventing all those who love the club dearly from returning. #OystonOut #NAPM

  9. Owen Oyston,hated by 99per cent of the Blackpool fanbase,causing misery to stay away fans who won’t go back until he’s gone.He’s skint,so has no money to invest or take the club forward,and stays mainly because he’s a stubborn,delusional,disgrace of a human being.

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