B-Teams Back On Agenda For JPT Inclusion

In a Telegraph exclusive, Chief Football Writer Sam Wallace has revealed that The Football League is involved in negotiations with The Premier League to include under-21 teams in The Johnstone’s Paint Trophy (JPT)

The proposals would see 16 Premier League B-Teams included in the JPT based on their academy rating. The Premier League would offer solidarity payments to The Football League in return for teams potentially missing out on a lucrative trip to Wembley.

Neither the Football League nor Premier League has commented publicly on the negotiations, and there is no evidence that views of supporters have been considered.

Following the outcry at Greg Dyke’s original commission plans, AL3 consulted a wide range of supporters from across the country to ask whether B-Teams in the JPT would be an acceptable compromise. The answer was a resounding “no”.

The Telegraph article states there is still some appetite to include B-Teams as part of the wider football pyramid but Richard Scudamore of the Premier League, and a majority of Football League clubs remain opposed to the idea.

32,000 fans signed a petition against the original proposals.

AL3 will be covering the issue all day, researching the timeline and seeking views and opinions from supporters in how best to combat the proposals. Please stay tuned to our website and Twitter feed for the latest information. We have also been in touch with @thefan_uk in an effort to collaborate against the plans

You can send your views to our twitter feed @againstleague3 or email us at fans@againstleague3.co.uk

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