You Did It

With the release of the FAs second commission report into the future of English football, the FA has stated that the plans “could not be imposed by the FA”. We essentially knew that anyway with the rejection of the plans by the Football League but confirmation is good. The Leagues are safe.

Importantly, this does NOT rule out potential plans for B teams in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, which I still genuinely believe has some momentum within the FA and even Football League. You told us no.

There are many who have contributed to the campaign, 34,000 of you for a start, who signed our petition, emailed us by the thousand, made banners for the campaign, handed out leaflets and tweeted us daily. You made this happen. Every single one of you has my respect and gratitude.

We used a lot of the content of your emails in our various submissions, it was genuinely your words that were a voice for change. Thank you for taking the time to stand up against these proposals.

The petition was started, to a tremendous response, by Lewis Horwell. His drive and support for this campaign helped it on its way.

The second day of AL3, we were contacted by Kevin Rye of Supporters Direct. Kevin gave us early direction, and helped us broadcast our message. Kevin through putting us in contact with supporters trusts, and focus groups with very intelligent people figuring out how to improve our game, gave AL3 a voice. I am incredibly grateful for his guidance and his friendship throughout the campaign.

I was also contacted by Kevin Miles of the FSF on day 2. The FSF also constantly broadcast our message, and listened to what you had to say.

All the staff at both organisations, Supporters Direct and the FSF, work bloody hard to protect fans and clubs, and improve the game. They took our message to the FA. Through the conversations I’ve had and the work I’ve seen, I have complete confidence the two groups can help make a better football. The staff at the the two groups were incredibly passionate and hardworking, and I’m grateful to them all.

There’s many more in deserve of thanks, Tom Reed, Seb Bliss,
Robin Osterley, Matt Barber, Kajal Odedra, Michael Brunskill, I’m sure there’s more, my apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

There’s still much to do, I haven’t yet fully digested the complete contents of the report, I’m sick of reports, but we must protect grass roots. We must fight for better rights for fans. Football must be fairer. Fans have got to step up and help that. But this campaign has shown that when fans stand up for something, it can be achieved.

When I created the Twitter account, I had no idea how big this would all get. I hope I did as good a job of organising it as our support base deserved. Watching you guys get behind it so much changed my life. Thanks to Nic for putting up with me ranting on Twitter for 5 hours a night. Eat, Sleep, Tweet, Repeat.

But I just can’t keep this up. Running AL3 properly can take a fair amount of dedicated time, and I never really made allowances for that when I created it with Lewis on top of what was already a fairly busy personal life. So it’s my intention to find someone who can do a good job of doing what you wanted us to do, and fighting for the change you wanted, and entrust the campaign to them.

You did it, you made it happen, you guys are brilliant. Thank you.


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