Wednesday Afternoon

Still overwhelmed by the amount of people engaging with, and sharing our campaign. Seriously, just thank you.

First off, co-founder of AL3 Lewis Horwell has decided to step back from the campaign, due to time constraints. We didn’t realise how big this would become, and it has taken over our lives! Eat, sleep, tweet, repeat.

With Lewis stepping down, the campaign is being run by James Cave and Mitch from our sister twitter account. We’re not stopping, and we won’t let these proposals happen.

We have started putting our heads together on some protests ideas. We do feel the FA may have timed this announcement so that the number of games we can protest at is minimal. But if the plans are still in the frame, we will carry on into the season.

Yesterday, we sent out a Press Release to some of the countries most prominent football writers. Some of them are starting to pick up. We are very grateful to those who have talked about us, including: Daniel Taylor, Oliver Kay and James Masters

To all the people getting involved in all aspects, thank you so much. We are still receiving huge amounts of emails, and we are struggling to get through them all. Please don’t be offended if you have offered help and we haven’t replied, there is just so much to get through.

Blog writers! You guys are the salt of the Earth. Wonderful to see so many posts on various blogs about the issue. We’re hoping to stick links to those on our site as soon as we can.

We’re still in contact with The Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct who have been amazing in helping to co-ordinate and promote the campaign.

With two Wembley games this weekend, we are interested to hear from anyone attending either game (unfortunately we can’t!). Taking banners or t-shirts? Let us know.

To those who have taken banners to playoff games this week, wow, just brilliant. Keep taking them and showing them off, it’s a great way to get our message across.

That’s it at the moment. We’re continuing to develop the “movement”. Please keep RTing us, spreading the message, and signing the petition! You guys are brilliant.

James C

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