Quick Update – Tuesday Afternoon

Just a quick lunchtime update on progress so far.

We attended the Conference Playoff Final at Wembley on Sunday. Before the game we met Dave Matthew-Jones who runs Cambridge Fans United, the CUFC fans trust. The support we’ve received from them has been fantastic, so thank you very much.

We saw a lot of support for the cause at Wembley. We saw banners, spoke to a lot of people against league 3, and realised there is still some real momentum around what we’re all trying to achieve. We had a brilliant day, congratulations to Cambridge United for getting back into the Football League, commiserations to Gateshead.

We’re still very much working on publicity. We have another press release due to go out probably tomorrow. The campaign is still less than two week old. In that time we’ve had 30,000 sign a petition, 30,000 unique web views, we’ve done radio appearances, there’s been banners on TV, people are using the wallpapers we’ve published for mobile phones and twitter.

We’ve been asked how Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation are forming part of our campaign. Both organisations have been very supportive of us, while still allowing us to run the campaign how we see fit. Direction of the campaign is being formulated based off the correspondence we’ve been receiving from you, the supporters. Supporters Direct helped us co-ordinate our efforts in the short term and we’re talking to them about how we can progress. FSF have offered us a few ideas in terms of long term goals, and I need to talk to them today/tomorrow about everything that’s going on. We’ve just been incredibly busy.

We’re still working on a full analysis of the actual report. I’m trying to chase the FA for a missing section of the report. The contents lists a section 6.1-6.6 but this is actually missing from the download. There’s a comment in there somewhere about running the national game when you can’t organise a contents page properly….

Website needs a bit of work doing to it. I’ll be doing some maintenance/content probably Wednesday night.

Cheers for all your support, we’re still very optimistic we can get these proposals binned and something better introduced.

Signed our petition yet? 😉


James C

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