Quick Update – Friday Morning

Quick update so you all know what’s going on today (Friday)

I am at work until 7pm this evening, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to sort out Lewis’ administrator access to the website, I’ll sort that tonight. He’ll be online for parts of the day, so please continue to get in touch via twitter and email (the best way is the contact form on our home page)

We have received lots more offers overnight, and we are responding to those that can help but that will have to go on into the weekend. Spread the message today, and we can dedicate more time to BUILDING the cause over the weekend.

Petition has now been signed by 18,000 people. We have had 3,000 website views since last night, nearly 3,000 followers on twitter and the “notifications” keep rolling in.

Thank you for your hard work in spreading this cause, we are working on it.

James C

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