Busy Day – Friday Evening

We have been a bit quieter today on social media, you guys have taken that up brilliantly though and continued to spread the message. Again, thank you so much.

We have today spoke to several fan organisations and received some incredible offers of help. We are working on those.

Through reading all of the correspondence we have received, we realise there is a broad spectrum of opinions of supporters, but nearly every email was against League 3. But some went further. Many think that this debates ties into poor treatment from the FA of ALL fans over the years.

We again want to reiterate we are receiving hundreds of emails. We are reading them all, but it may take a bit of time to get back to offers of help. Please don’t think we’ve forgotten you!

We are England fans. Everyone associated with this campaign is an England fan. This report is meant to speak for us as well. Had the FA consulted the fans regarding these proposals beforehand, we would have told them that sacrificing the heritage and history of our clubs is not a price we are willing to pay for the success of the National Side.

Thankyou so much for your support, we will continue to work and spread the message over the weekend. Keep coming back and checking up on our progress.


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