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Myself and Lewis have been in contact pretty much constantly since 6pm this evening trying to co-ordinate this massive fan movement that has sprung out of nowhere.

Thankyou for all your work today with you comments and RT’s on twitter. Thankyou for signing our petition.

We are currently sifting through all the comments we have received and this process will continue tomorrow (Friday).

We have received lots of offers for help (again thankyou!) and we will be getting back to these offers tomorrow. We have also been in contact with Supporters Direct. We’ve also received a lot of offers for “club reps” which we’ll be exploring further tomorrow.

That’s where we are for now. We’ll be back tomorrow. We have now set up all the necessary provisions to make a big public push.

In the statement, we will also directly address which aspects of these plans we are actually unhappy with and why, as we have not currently gone into any level of detail.


James – AL3

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